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Imagine Dragons’ songs for movies and videogames:

1. Darkness - Elysium
2. Demons - The Words
3. On Top of the World - FIFA 13/ PES 13
4. Hear Me - Answers To Nothing
5. It's Time - The Perks of Being a Wallflower
6. Lost Cause - Frankenweenie
7. Ready Aim Fire! - Iron Man 3
8. On Top of the World - The Croods
9. Radioactive - The Host
10. Who We Are - Catching Fire

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Tranøy, Norway | Anders Hanssen

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Aurora | By Anders Hanssen

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" Me sobran ganas de pedirte que te quedes, pero no lo haré. Hay cosas que deben nacer de una persona, como permanecer, querer permanecer. "

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